MARCH 27th, 2021

Louise’s quote of the day is one that was stored in her memory. His name is Jim Harrison. He was a talented and prolific writer of poetry, novellas, novels and essays. I wish I could say that I’m familiar with his work but the truth is, I only knew of Legends of the Fall, his novella that was produced as a movie…Which means, I suppose, that I don’t really know this writer at all.

In her comment, Louise describes him as someone who lived at 200 mph, which would have made him a kindred spirit. She certainly has a similar vitality. She wrote:

Aujourd’hui, je me suis rappelé d’un auteur qui vivait 200 milles à l’heure et qui m’avait séduit par son propos dans un interview… un amateur de Bandol, vin que je rêve de boire et que je n’ai toujours pas bu! Lorsque je le ferai, j’aurai une pensée pour lui. (LC)


Barring love, I’ll take my life in large doses alone– rivers, forests, fish, grouse, mountain. Dogs.”

-Jim Harrison, Wolf, A False Memoir (1971

She added a second quote which she said was for me:


Being a writer requires an intoxication with language.”

-JIm Harrison

She added: C’est bien dit et tellement percutant! (LC)

which means: It’s so powerful!

Well, I think she’s correct. And I think she shares this intoxication…Thankfully, it can’t harm either of us.


Camille Javal, “The Heart Has a Language of its own”

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