It was supposed to snow today in Montreal, and this morning, there was a brief sprinkling, but not the 10 cm forecast.
If this pattern holds, it will be for the best.

This winter was, in fact, a rather lovely season, which didn’t overstay its welcome. And I’m grateful for that.

Still, we are entering a third wave of COVID-19…and I think that Louise’s choice of quote–which is a warning not to assume that winter is over until the April moon has finished its cycle–not only fits the weather, but is also a reminder that the coronavirus has at least another cycle to go.

It’s not an easy time, but Montrealers can be heartened by the knowledge that the warmth of spring will make it possible to be together and laugh loudly and often, outside, in the fresh air, on sundecks–2m apart–and every other outdoor venue that is safe.

Perhaps we can take a minute to look up at the April moon as well.


“Ne crois point que l’hiver soit passé sans retour, quand la lune d’avril n’a pas fini son tour.”

-Dicton cévenol-les proverbes et dictons météorologiques (1816)

“April Super-Moon over Washington”, Chris Whiton

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