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COLLABORATION/OFFERING no. 281 It was supposed to snow today in Montreal, and this morning, there was a brief sprinkling, but not the 10 cm forecast. If this pattern holds, it will be for the best. This winter was, in fact, a rather lovely season,… Continue Reading “THE APRIL MOON”


COLLABORATION/OFFERING no. 280 Tuesday, March 30th, 2021 Louise’s life took an unforeseen turn when her companion offered her a book about Zen Buddhism, and specifically, what it means to live in awareness, which in French, she called “la pleine conscience”. I have relied on… Continue Reading “LIVE EVERY MINUTE”


COLLABORATION/OFFERING no. 279 Monday, March 29th, 2021 Sending this poem to me, Louise wrote: Hope…. je sens que tout autour, cette troisième vague qui se dessine met à bout le courage de plusieurs, surtout que le printemps hâtif nous fait espérer des retrouvailles. Que… Continue Reading “HOPE IS…”


COLLABORATION/OFFERING NO. 278 MARCH 27th, 2021 Louise’s quote of the day is one that was stored in her memory. His name is Jim Harrison. He was a talented and prolific writer of poetry, novellas, novels and essays. I wish I could say that I’m… Continue Reading “INTOXICATION”


COLLABORATION/OFFERING no. 277 Marche 26th, 2021 My friend Louise is a book lover, and a voracious reader. I’ve mentioned this before, but you may have missed that post. There’s a lovely independent bookstore a ten minute walk from her house that she has begun… Continue Reading “OLD DOGS”


COLLABORATION/OFFERING no.276 Le 24 mars, 2021 Louise got straight to the point this morning: Aujourd’hui ce sera une pensée qui je pense te plaira et qui te surprendra par sa provenance et qui moi-même m’a étonnée! (LC) Voici: “Le seul, le vrai, l’unique voyage,… Continue Reading “CHANGED PERSPECTIVE”

to scream silently

COLLABORATION/OFFERING no. 275 Tuesday, March 23rd, 2021 My friend and co-conspirator, Louise, is, as Walt Whitman might have recognized, a large person in a small body, containing multitudes. Her appetite, her lust for life is such that at times, it brings her more pain… Continue Reading “to scream silently”


COLLABORATION/OFFERING no. 274 March 18th, 2021 Unable to find anything in tune with how she was feeling, Louise dove back into Walt Whitman–a poet she has just discovered thanks to a book by Robert Lalonde, titled La Reconstruction du Paradis, his most recent work,… Continue Reading “I CONTAIN MULTITUDES”


COLLABORATION/OFFERING no. 273 March 15th, 2021 Louise sent me a quote yesterday–a day that saw the temperature drop back down to wintery, windy cold after a sunny warm spell that positively bellowed spring’s impending arrival. I hope that’s the case, because last winter (2020),… Continue Reading “AT THE TABLE”


COLLABORATION/OFFERING no. 272 March 12th, 2021 The pandemic year blanketed our lives, until at times, we’ve felt suffocated by it. The initial reaction to its frightening presence was a proliferation of “don’t worry” messages that appeared everywhere, many government sponsored but of course very… Continue Reading “INTENTION”