Marche 9th, 2021

While I was at the hospital yesterday, Louise sent me a meditative, gentle quote that I have only discovered this morning.

She introduced it this way:
Ce matin, je me réfère au Dalaï Lama… j’ai lu des propos hier qui m’ont fait du bien. Et j’ai trouvé ce matin, une phrase que je trouve magnifique et pleine de sens pour chaque humain sur terre. (LC)


C’est ma religion, elle est simple. Il n’y a pas besoin de temples, pas besoin de philosophie compliquée. Notre propre cerveau, notre propre coeur est notre temple, la philosophie est la bonté.

-Dalaï Lama

As we turn a new page on a new year in which COVID (in its many mutations) is still towering over us, causing many of us to pull away from each other, to lose trust in each other, these words from the Dalai Lama bring clarity and simplicity. They evoke religion without temples or complicated philosophies…proposing instead that our minds and hearts be the temples, and our philosophy, kindness.

These are worth carrying with us, always.


Freya Art & Design, “Kindness Always”

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